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Canadian Rockies Family Mountain Commission.  Can it get any more dreamier? Well actually yes it can, when you throw a beautiful family like this to the mix. Don’t be fooled. It was cold. Zero degrees and it snowed the day before. But that did not stop us from creating beautiful family memories with the Canadian Rockies and the stunning Morraine Lake as our backdrop. When Jennifer, an award winning family photographer herself in Calgary, contacted me about a mountain session I was “in like Flynn”.  It is always an honour when another photographer trusts you with their own family memories and while I have beautiful mountains in my own backyards the Canadian Rockies are something else.  When you live in different provinces there is only that much pre planning ahead and weather cooperation you can expect from Mother Nature.  She graced us with a fresh dusting of snow on the mountains and the beautiful larch trees emerging. Who cares about the cold right?  The canoeing was just the icing on the cake and a whole new level of cold.

Canadian Rockies

Gabi Moeller Photography

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  • Jennifer

    Thank you SO much for this – just what I needed to see today – love, love, love them!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Your are welcome Jennifer! It was such an honour photographing your beautiful family!I had so much fun!ReplyCancel

Family canoe trip

A family canoe trip. Sounds fun right? Images with the mountains, lake and a canoe always look spectacular.  Getting your family into a canoe however requires a sense of adventure, balance, and the willingness to possibly get wet. But we promise it will be fun. I get to photograph these guys every year. And every year it gets more fun. The whole family in a canoe on a glacier fed lake that is not even swimmable in the summer? Sure. Can we fit a family of 5 into a canoe made for 3? Sure we can. Well, the only reason I agreed is because they do it all the time and mom is a certified canoe guide.  And somehow I ended up chest deep in the freezing cold glacier water just because I wanted to get just the right angle. It was worth it no?

But let’s start at the beginning with a whole lot of family cuteness…

family canoe tripgreen lake whistlerGabi Moeller PhotographyWhat is your next family adventure? Contact us and we customize something just for your family!

Beach Time!

Beach time with the family. Is that not what summer is all about?  Sun, sand, saltwater and the vastness of the open ocean always make for a fabulous addition to your family portraits. I learned how to tell a male from a female crab and that they still kind of freak me out and I do not want to touch them. That the connection of these two twins siblings is amazing and that they have each others back and explore together with just the right amount of “bugging each other”.  Like tricking your sister into smelling the dead stinky crab! And then of course there are the sunsets and this awesome family…It was a great summer night! British Columbia’s West Coast at it’s finest. Contact us to book your summer memories:

Beach Timebeach timebeach sea to skyfamily portraits whistlerbeach time - gabi moeller photography

Underwater fun.

Underwater fun was on our mind when the  May long weekend brought what many of us have been waiting for: sun and warm temperatures.  Nobody cared that we went from 10 to 30 within a couple days. The sun warmed the soul and people came to mingle outside with friends and family. Instantly the beaches were packed even though the glaciers fed lakes only allowed for a few brave souls to take a quick dip.

We got excited about this summer’s underwater commissions! We have allowed for a few more openings in our busy summer schedule to add a handful of underwater commissions.  Don’t have a pool? Don’t worry we can help with that!

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