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Family canoe trip on Green Lake | Whistler Family Photography

Family canoe trip

A family canoe trip. Sounds fun right? Images with the mountains, lake and a canoe always look spectacular.  Getting your family into a canoe however requires a sense of adventure, balance, and the willingness to possibly get wet. But we promise it will be fun. I get to photograph these guys every year. And every year it gets more fun. The whole family in a canoe on a glacier fed lake that is not even swimmable in the summer? Sure. Can we fit a family of 5 into a canoe made for 3? Sure we can. Well, the only reason I agreed is because they do it all the time and mom is a certified canoe guide.  And somehow I ended up chest deep in the freezing cold glacier water just because I wanted to get just the right angle. It was worth it no?

But let’s start at the beginning with a whole lot of family cuteness…

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